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  • June McLean

Sentimental new jewellery from old

Over the years as our loved ones pass away we sometimes accumulate pieces of jewellery that although very sentimental are not your cup of tea so they are never worn, how sad. What happens to these memories? Are they kept in a “safe” place to only be seen once in a blue moon? Sadly the answer normally is “Yes” but this needn’t be the case. At Zebra with sensitive input we have been lovingly designing new pieces of jewellery that bring the old into new and make the owner not only love the item but wear it. This then becomes a special item to pass on to others that they will cherish but will wear or of course have it redesigned into something they love, much better than being hidden in a cupboard.

Old gold jewellery items
Take your old gold like this....

Handmade gold bracelet
...and create a fabulous unique piece of jewellery like this bracelet, with childrens' initials incorporated into the design!

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